30 years focus on capacitor Customization
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Research Institutions of Famous Universities
Major famous universities and universities exchange technology with each other and launch control of new high-tech fields; select series: LHV、LSR、LB、LWS、CHA、CHI、CS2


Industrial automation
It is applied to all kinds of frequency converters, servo systems and other automatic control fields. LHV、LG、LHR、LHA、LB、LWS、CHA、VXS、CEL、CXS


Fast Charging and Discharging of Energy Storage
Applied in spot welding machine, welding machine, inverter welding machine, bump welding machine, stud welding machine, laser cutting machine, magnetizing machine, energy storage machine, card removal machine field; Selected series: LD、LLD、LHD、LXD、CHA



Power grid
It is applied in smart grid, photovoltaic equipment, wind power generation equipment and other fields. Selection series: LB、LWS、LSR、LHV、CEL、CHA、CS2

Power supply field
Applied in UPS, switching power supply, inverter power supply, communication power supply, welding machine power supply, special power supply, lighting and other fields; Selected series LHV、LNC、LSR、LB、LWS、CHI、CS2


Applied in aviation, aerospace, Railway Intelligent transportation, post and telecommunications, high-speed rail, subway, light rail areas; Selected series: LHV、LNC、LSR、LG、LHA、CHI、CLM、CHA、CS2



Industry, Mine and Energy
Applied in outdoor circuit breaker, intelligent permanent magnet vacuum switch, 5000m deep well, solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy, geothermal field; Selected series: LHV、LSR、LHH、LND、LNP、CXS、CHA、VXS


Flash class
It can be used in strobe lamp, explosive flash lamp, beacon lamp, intelligent traffic field, electronic police and police car roof, laser hair removal instrument and medical pulse field: LD、LLD、LHD、LXD、CHA



""Internet +" opens a new era of customization.

Capsun will be tailored to your needs, fully meet any of your technical needs

As a professional capacitor customization design manufacturer, we will understand your application requirements and design needs, so as to produce products to meet your needs.


Immediate consultation


The goods taken by the agent can not pass through many channels.

Guarantee the authenticity of the quality of the goods.


Domestic renovation of old capacitors, disassembly and reprocessing products

Counterfeit and inferior products make you vulnerable. How to ensure the quality?


Domestic manufacturers have different levels of technology.Hello, but also let you have no choice.

Going to E-City to find an agent is often out of stock.How can we deliver the goods without deadline?

The price of imported capacitors is too high and the delivery time is too long.The answer is not as good as our own profession.

You are purchasing aluminium electrolysis Capacitor time Are there the following confusions?


When there are technical questions to ask the agent, sometimes

It's better to be a professional than to answer questions.


QingQuanCustomized Capacitor

Other Domestic Brand Capacitors

Professional consultation, tailor-made solutions

We have taken full account of our customers and have a strong technical reserve.

4-10℃ lower than other brands

Domestic brand

Referring to the design of foreign products, additional characteristic ion conduction and heat dissipation technology

Weak ripple resistance, increased customer purchase costs Reducing the Reliability of the Whole Machine

Very weak pressure sharing capability

Customized reserve is insufficient and incomplete

No capacity matching scheme, weak consistency

Providing capacity matching scheme with strong balance

Due to the selection of customizable capacitors with high current and overvoltage resistance

Poor extreme aluminium material, poor performance

Electrolytic Capacitor performance

Due to the selection of large holes in aluminium box, it can withstand more ripple. Improving the reliability of the whole machine greatly

4-10 ℃ higher than capsun capacitance

American Technology, Japanese Technology, Military Industry Customer Designated Purchase ,Technologically employed by American engineers, the process originated from Japan, fully implementing JISC5141 technical standards .Core Technology of Large High Voltage Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor with 30 Years.


The core temperature is 4-6 degrees lower than that of the peers. Qingyou Electronics can hold a temperature detector to compare PK on the door. China's special large-scale aluminium electrolytic capacitor manufacturer, through the application of Sino-US patented technology to let you quality Better use

The core temperature is 4-6 degrees lower than that of the peers. Qingyou Electronics can hold a temperature detector to compare PK on the door

American Technology, Japanese Technology, Military Industry Customer Designated Purchase

The Top Three Brands of Large Capacitors in China

30 years of continuous focus on Customization Technology of electrolytic capacitors

Professional Technology Exchange Platform, to give you more assured technical support

Technical exchanges and cooperation with several famous universities and research institutes in China (Harbin University of Technology, Shenyang Normal University, Zhejiang University, Zhongbei University, Hangzhou Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Design of Light Industry, Southwest Institute of Physics of Nuclear Industry, Institute of Applied Electronics of China Academy of Engineering Physics, Institute of Electrical Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

The most critical raw materials for aluminium electrolytic capacitors are carefully selected.

Major materials are selected from large foreign brands, and quality and technology are guaranteed from the beginning.

Anode Foil: Choose Dongmei Aluminum Foil and Japan JCC

Cathode foil: Lunyang, Taiwan

Electrolytic paper: Japanese NKK

Electrolyte: Panasonic, Japan

Cover/Terminal: Choose Bridge Gate and Jianeng

High-quality and perfect technical service and after-sales support

Direct manufacturers can provide you with technical support and services 24 hours a day.

Brand manufacturers sell only genuine capacitors



30 Years Focus on the Development and Production of High Voltage and Large Capacity Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Fast delivery, emergency order delivery as soon as 1 week (international brands generally 8-12 weeks delivery)

Because of the guarantee of raw materials, life is guaranteed from the very beginning, and technology is employed.

American engineer, the technology comes from Japan, so you don't have to worry about the life of electrolytic capacitors.

Excellent manufacturer of large-scale aluminum electrolytic capacitors with Chinese characteristics, through the application of patented technology, let you have no worries about the quality of use.

Professional team

Optimal Solution

National service hotline   0755-27299931




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Excellent manufacturer of large-scale aluminum electrolytic capacitors with Chinese characteristics, through the application of patented technology, you can use quality more carefree.

Shenzhen Capsun Electronic Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as Company), established in 2003, one of state key support enterprise with two modern factories in Zhaoqing, and Heyuan and almost 1000 staffs, is engaged in development and manufacturing for Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors....


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