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     Shenzhen Capsun Electronic Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as Company), established in 2003, one of state key support enterprise with two modern factories in Zhaoqing, and Heyuan and almost 1000 staffs, is engaged in development and manufacturing for Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors.
     The company sales always come top at home market in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors industry. All various type products monthly is about 120,000,000 consisting of one hundred million small scale down-lead type, thirty five million chip type, and ten million bolt type. 45% product for domestic market and other 55% export such as Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia etc. 
     Through the introduction, digestion and absorption, forms of cooperation reached with independent intellectual property rights system technology, a combination of advanced international peer-way site management and quality control method, perfect quality management system.
     Company have applied and awarded for three invention patents and three Utility Model Patents in the field of aluminum electrolytic capacitor about charge-discharge resistance type, power factor corrected type, large ripple-type. The product quality has meets and exceeds the quality of foreign products.
 Through comprehensive use of patented technology in the following products up to international level:
1.      Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for spot welding machine;
2.      Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for spot welding machine;for Charge and discharge high-frequency energy storage-type;
3.      Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Inverter welding machine, butt welding machine, stud Welding machine;
4.      Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for laser cutting machine, magnetizing machine, treadmill;
5.      Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for power factor corrected type;
6.      Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for large ripple-type such as Energy-saving lamps, electronic ballasts;
7.      Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for outdoor communicating power resource;
8.      Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for frequency converter, UPS,EPS;
9.      Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for the field of aviation, military industry;
10.   Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Metal halide, electrodeless lamps, electric vehicle controller

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