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Product Selection Guide

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Kind Capacitor Kind Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Polymer organic semiconductor solid electrolytic capacitor
Ceramic capacitors
Electric double layer capacitors (gold capacitor, super capacitor)
High-class car audio filtering Farah electrolytic capacitors with energy storage
Shape PIN shape type Radial
type Horizontal
Type screwdriver
Type snap-in
Type LUG
size Case size D*L  PH
Rating Rated voltage 4V、6.3V、10V……500V
Capacitance 0.1uF、10uF、1000uF、4700uF、1F、3F
Capacitance tolerance ±20%、±10%、±5%、-0%+20%
Impedance 0.05Ω、0.10Ω
Testing frequency 100HZ、120HZ、100KHZ
Working conditions Product DVB、Cameras, strobes, motherboards, electric car chargers, car audio, stored energy welding machine,
Plasma Cutting
Use Category Power supply circuit, time constant, loop, smooth to use, the shaft, coupling, and restricted uses, such as
sound bath.
Operating voltage 5VDC、12VDC  etc (With Provisional Surge voltage)
Ripple current dynamic Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors voltage 10Vrs、5Vp-p etc, Other Capacito Current 1200mArms Sine wave
Work Ripple Frequency 50HZ、1KHZ、45KHZ、150KHZ etc
Use of environmental Indoor use, outdoor use, cold regions, and vehicle use, etc.
Use temperature range "-10℃~+45℃, -30℃~+60℃, -40℃~+105℃"
use humidity  scope the 5~75~R.H  45~95%R.H etc.
Reserve conditionsuse Charge-discharge conditions (resistors. Current) Reserve time, reserves voltage
Equipment working conditions Equipment working time: 8 hours / day,ambient temperature 50 ℃ etc.
Requirements life 7 Year,10 Year etc.
Installation conditions Installation Method Manual plug-in, automatic machine plug-in (installation), etc.
Installation equipment To determine what kind of installation of machines
Soldering method Chrome iron, impregnated, reflow (hot air, IR, heating plate, VPS), etc.
Soldering conditions Solder bath temperature 260 ℃, Soldering 4 seconds, repeat 2 times the maximum temperature
of 230 ℃, 200 ℃
Time is 30 seconds, warm-up to 160 ℃ 2 minutes
Wash Agent Substitute refrigerants such as CFCs (please fill out the specific name, type, etc.)
Wash Method Impregnating, Ultrasonic impregnation equipment
Wash conditions
Soaking time of 5 minutes, 5 minutes drying time, etc.
Product Form Pin processing / packaging Lead Cutting、taping、A single product etc.
Market nature Market direction Industrial use, civil and other
Security Introduction Capacitors event of short circuit, open circuit situation, will affect other parts of the device
(error movements, fever, burning, etc.)

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