30 years focus on capacitor Customization







Enterprise Mission: To build the best capacitor manufacturer in China, leading the new trend of scientific and technological life.

Enterprise Vision: Create the Leading Title of Capacitor Industry and Become a World-class and Internationalized Excellent Electronic Supplier

Enterprise Purpose: Win-win Cooperation and Return to Society

Enterprise Spirit: Integrity, Focus, Struggle and Innovation

Business philosophy: Only by creating value for customers can enterprises realize value.

Management philosophy: good goal, good mentality, good method, good style, high efficiency

Talent outlook: focusing on talent, taking virtue as the first, learning to be a man in order to achieve great things. Love talent but cherish talent is not talent, loyalty and dedication are talent.

Market outlook: the heart moves with the market, the market grows with the heart, sincerely serving customers, always ahead of one step.

Quality View: Professionalism decides quality, focusing on brand building. Personality determines product quality

Performance View: Focusing on Process, Pursuing Result and Advocating Value

Collaboration View: Communication Starts from the Heart and Promotes Responsibility Culture

Cost concept: Cost is competitiveness; cherish enterprise resources, open source and reduce expenditure in every circle.

View of time: inch Yin, inch gold, Speed to win, efficiency to survive

View of Development: Scientific, Sustainable, Steady and Harmonious

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